Born in the Peak District and now living close to the sea in East Anglia I have always had a fasination with both nature and the barren beauty found in remote locations such as mountain, moor, wetlands and estuarys and it is subjects like this that forms a basis of my style of work.

 The desire to create and capture atmosphere, light and drama is an important factor in my paintings and to be able to push a landscape or seascape to the edge of abstraction whilst retaining it's origins provides me with both inspiration and emotion.

With a less is more approach I strip away all obvious geographical elements and references such as buildings, people and animals allowing me the freedom to create spaces that the viewer may find a sense of familiarity, awareness and connection and perhaps experience that sound of silence and atmosphere found in such remote locations.

I work mainly in acrylic and gesso on canvas board and at times use collage as the use of texture plays an intregal part in my work as does a limited pallet, to achieve the desired textures I use a range of equipment to include pallet knives, hands, fingers, rag and a variety of brushes in fact anything that enables me to achieve the desired painterly mark.

Inspiration comes in many forms nature in all it's elements the location as does the splendor of a sunrise or sunset and all can be adapted to suit the composition of the piece of work.

Music also has an inspiration bearing on my work particularly jazz and classical and the work of artists like Turner, Rothko and Hambling never fail to inspire.